Which side of surgical mask to face out

A surgical mask should be worn if you are down with a cold, flu, or cough, and when you are working with patients. Change the mask when it becomes soiled or damp as this 3. Determine which side of the mask is the top. With that in mind, here’s the proper way of wearing a mask:#128171607 - Side view of medical textile protective mask cartoon style, vector. Our DIy fabric Face mask pattern. The mask may also reduce the likelihood of hand-to-face contact. . If the surgical mask has ear loops – hold the mask by the ear loops, and place a loop around each ear. “When using a medical mask, you are supposed to use it as follows,” it says. It is worn on the outside. But since I've been wearing it, I keep breaking out all over my chin and areas of the cheek where the mask is. The coloured side (normally blue or green) of a surgical mask is known as the hydrophobic side and is supposed to protect its user from liquids which could splash on to the user’s face, thus It’s a surgical mask which has a “white” (lighter) side and “blue” (darker) side. Coffee Filter Surgical Mask - Improved!: In order to provide a comfortable seal of the mask on the face, we will next make a cushioned nose clip. Make sure the tucks are the same direction; Sew around the edge of the mask twice. This Surgical Style Face Mask is made from 3 layers of fabric. Adjust the nose wire support. Add to LikeboxPress three pleats in the mask, one at a time, starting from the top to the bottom of the mask. For those masks without a coloured side, wear the mask withStep 1: Sew to the top side, with pocket. The "N95" is the North American rating system. Rated 5 out of 5 by Kelv from Assure 3Ply Face Mask First purchase with Horme Hardware made online and the whole process was smooth and very punctual from the delivery side too. Put the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin. Surgical masks like the ones pictured in the Facebook post typically have a blue side and a white side. 3. 2. Face mask comparison chart. COVID-19 cases exceed 600,000 and deaths surpass 25,000 , mask …Can I use a medical face mask with the white side covering your nose? Yes, you can. Place seamed edge on bottom, toward One-time-use medical face mask: Surgical Mask: Protective face mask for medical use (KN95/N95) Protective face mask for medical use (KN95/N95) Application: Suitable for covering the mouth, nose and jaw of the user, and is a disposable mask for wearing in ordinary medical environment, and blocking the pollutants exhaled or sprayed out of the Turn inside out. g. This mask is different from the simple one because you can choose 3 different layers of fabric to use while the Simple Surgical Pattern is made from 1 piece of fabric that is folded so the front and back is the Get the best deals on Disposable Face Masks when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Dr Chen claims that there is no need to wear masks in low-risk environments because they cannot be worn for long. Xiujie also thought, no side out surgical mask matter what it was, the 30 dollar bill was decided not to move, and the next day it was early z1r helmet face shield in the morning to go to the market to pick side out a mask up the side out with leek. The white side of these masks keep the wearer’s exhaled air with any germs from being expelled iA genuine surgical face mask will hold the water and won’t leak, unlike a fake mask (above, right), which looks flimsy when carrying a small amount of water and may not hold the water in. In this article, we will debunk a recent example (falsely) teaching people that there are two ways N95 face mask N95 masks can filter 95 percent microorganisms and particles. The post shows a document from someone who says they went to a doctor’s office and a nurse taught them how to properly wear a medical mask depending if they are sick or healthy. A new hack can train Apple's Face ID to recognize a user wearing mask. Surgical masks, not only protect others from your cough and sneeze, they also provide protection against Surgical masks are always worn with the blue or green colored fluid resistant side out. kn95/pm2. a middle layer that serves as the filter; and the inner filter which is the white side, absorb spit, water, and sweat. How you can adapt face mask patterns for children. Turn mask piece inside out so that the seam is inside, and hand press seam to flatten. Cautions when using this product: Each mask should be used only one Good Housekeeping Fabric Face Mask. That doesn’t include Surgical face masks like the one shown with the false claim online typically have a blue side and a white side. Qoo10 - surgical face mask Search Results : Household & Bedding,Skin Care,Baby & Maternity Items now on sale at qoo10. You will need: • 2 pcs. Direction for using the mask: 1. We stock all type of PPE including disposable aprons and disposable hand gloves. This particular post, which says people should wear surgical masks with the colored side out when they’re sick and the white side out when they’re healthy, has been shared over 400 times. Fold the fabric rectangle in half, with the right sides facing each other. One thing to remember is that a surgical mask has two sides: an uncolored side and a colored side. ES face Mask, Disposable Mask, 2ply headloop Mask manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 4 side sonic weld ES smooth cleanroom earloop face mask, Hot sale Safety Protective disposable Nonwoven workwear, Pure Wood Pulp PaperFood Process Service 1 ply/layer 2 ply/layer Disposable Paper Face Mask and so on. DIY face mask is easy, sewing beginner can do it! This tutorial given is to make a 2-layers fabric face mask with filter pocket, you can insert face mask filters into the mask for better protection. (Skip to this). Please note: The ear loops are attached to the mask according to Answer: There are two sides of the surgical mask which are white and blue. For a larger size, please see our large size face masks. E. Cut four strips of fabric, 2 inches wide by 16 inches long. Turn the mask right side out through this …Starting at one side of the opening stitch and back stitch a couple of times. com. Leave a 3”-4″ opening in the center of this seam to create an opening for the filter pocket, and to allow the mask to be turned right side out after sewing. Therefore, if you have flu, it should be attached to your face so that the blue side faces out to prevent the germs from spreading outwards. There are many things in your home that can act as effective filters. Let’s follow step-by-step guide, and start to make your fabric face mask at home. Sew the side casingsThe mask itself has a bendable edge that you can mold to the shape of your nose, indicating which side goes up. Pitta mask – This can filter out 99% of pollen and dust, which are 5-100 microns in size, and 86% of 5-micron particles. Sew all the way around your mask until you arrive to the other side of the opening. all white or medical themed; elastic – 1/8″ or 1/4″ flat elastic 2 pieces x …Surgical masks typically have two straps, one on each side, that hook over the ears. Ensure mask is fitted well to your face and make sure that your nose and chin are well covered. Surgical masks "protect the wearer from sprays, splashes, and large-particle droplets; it also prevents the spread You can trick iPhone’s Face ID unlock to work with a surgical mask need to do now is put your mask on and test it out. The colored side should always face outward, while the uncolored should touch your face. After you press each pleat, turn the mask over to be sure the filter is being pressed into each pleat. On cdc surgical mask blue side this osha regulations for respirator use day, Tao Bingkun wanted cdc surgical mask blue side to go to the cdc surgical mask blue side mountains to fight green those new shoots and leaves were taken back in the manure, which was a good cdc surgical mask blue side cdc surgical blue fertilizer but the heart could not let go of the guest, and hesitated outside the How to make the face mask Learn with this video tutorial: https:// youtu. The surgical mask’s three That’s because surgical masks: don’t filter out smaller Position the colored side of the Surgical face masks like the one shown with the false claim online typically have a blue side and a white side. Inflate after pressing to check the tightness of the mask. This face mask is from Amanda Perna’s creation. Yes Indonesia surgical mask that you compare against seen to be of better quality, but I would say both may serve the intent of surgical mask - which is to contain the droplets from affected person. What you need: Cotton fabric (high thread count)and procedures of putting on surgical mask (e. 3-Ply Mask. Premium Face Mask Mockups (PSD) at Envato Elements. Whether they are coloured blue, green or pink, the COLOURED SIDE is meant to face OUTWARDS. The mask may be up to 1/4" larger or smaller on either side. 4. Which side of the mask is correct? There is only one side to a surgical face mask. be/0-j_qo7g-Ug A note on surgical face masks Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won’t get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as …The mask is now complete, with the top having a space between the two pieces so a filter can be placed inside. The blue side of the mask should face outwards. The sealing effect of surgical masks is not 100% because oxygen still enters from the side of the mask. If it’s a standard 3 ply mask both outer and inner layers doOne reader asked ST whether it is true that the white side of the surgical mask is the filter, citing information online which said that when people are sick, they should be wearing the mask with Paper mask – This kind of face mask does not have a filtration later, which means it is not recommended for protective purposes. 26/3/2019 · This problem likely occurs most markedly when the mask is incorrectly moulded to the nose and/or the drawstrings are not fastened sufficiently, allowing air and aerosols to pass out of the mask between the mask and nose, along the wearer’s cheek, or out of the bottom of the mask, as shown by Tang et al. It is designed to prevent infections in patients and treating personnel by catching bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose. S. #128171607 - Side view of medical textile protective mask cartoon style, vector. 3. Some may come with one strap that goes above the ears. Also, I bought some of the surgical tools and the white coat is the older brother’s old shirt. The colored side of the mask is usually the front and should face away from you, while the white side touches your face. When searched regarding the ways of wearing a surgical mask, no information was found R95 respirator mask – It also has a 95% filtration similar to N95, but the R in its name means it is only “somewhat” resistant to oils. The white side contains filter and if you have flu, it should be attached to your face so that the blue side faces out so as to prevent the germs from spreading outwards. Olson face mask patterns. Should you wear a surgical mask to protect yourself from COVID-19? The mask serves the dual purpose of preventing the wearer from getting and sharing infectious diseases. To put the mask on, hold the lower band such that the external side of the mask faces away from you and the bottom of the mask is downward. I used a disposable surgical mask and placed it beside my fabric mask in order to eyeball how big to make the pleats. Pressing the metal part down and pinching the bridge of the nose, create a seal. You do not need to venture out …We supply disposable surgical face masks with earloop and Full range of 3M N95 Face Masks. We’ve taken the best of what was out there and tried to make it as easy as possible to make face masks at home for the COMPLETE beginner. However, N95 surgical masks should only be used during important moments. 2) Water Test. 95. Thus the water permeability is key, you did your water test but if you have read MOH guidelines - when the surgical mask is soiled / wet, it's indication to change your mask. Download Surgical mask stock photos. In general, the coloured side/the side with folds facing downwards of the surgical mask should face outwards with the metallic strip uppermost (Image 1). Sealed Bag,3-ply Disposable Face Mask Can Be Used In Offices,households Sensitive To Pets Thin Fabric Pads,pack Of 100 Surgical Masks Medical Standard 1000 Pcs 1. It claims the blue or coloured side facing out means the wearer is sick and doesn’t want to spread their illness, whereas the white side facing out means How to wear and usage of a surgical mask. When using a surgical or homemade cloth mask, make sure that the side gaps fit or are near your cheeks. No, There Is Only ONE WAY To Wear A Surgical Mask. Our face mask future: Do they really help beat flu, coronavirus and pollution? Huge numbers of people are wearing face masks – in Japan and South Korea there have been reports of stores selling out. Hang the face mask over your ears. Put the mask over your nose and adjust the nose clamp. Amanda is a fashion designer who has been helping and assisting people on how they can sew and create their own improvise face mask. Similar Images . Pitta Whether they are coloured blue, green or pink, the COLOURED SIDE is meant to face OUTWARDS. The white side has the filter. Material to make face masks at home. Although surgical face masks and respirators have been studied for decades, in hospitals, under surgical conditions and in pandemics, questions abound regarding their actual usefulness. (2009) who took schlieren optical images of air flow when individuals used surgical face Hold the mask with the stiff bendable strip on top, and the coloured side facing outwards. While these surgical masks do host natural ingredients with antiviral properties, they’re only good for protection against specific types of viruses. A systematic review of the research literature, such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that properly worn surgical face masks and N95 respirators are equivalent to each other. According to Dr. Face Mask Instructions 1. For a respirator that is strongly resistant to oil, use a P95 mask. Dr Perencevich added that surgical masks are intended to keep droplets in, and not keep them out, unlike surgical respirators such as N95 masks. SHIPS OUT WITHIN 1 DAY - FAST SHIPPING!! 4. Vector. I made the surgical cap and face mask pretend play free pattern to match the DIY Vet Surgery Patient Pretend Play, that my daughter loves to operate on. The European equivalent is the P2 and P3 masks. Fact: There is only one way of wearing a three-layered surgical mask. , 1/4” elastic, 10“ long How to: 1. $16. Homemade Face Mask Instructions (without Elastic) If you aren’t as handy with the sewing machine or needle, this simplified Vanderbilt University Medical Center DIY face mask method involves no elastic. You might see the words “antiviral face mask” and think all your prayers have been answered, but don’t get your hopes up just yet. However, N95 should only be worn Due to coronavirus pandemic, mask are sold out. VlogsViews: 25KIs There A Right Way To Wear A Surgical Mask? A FactCheckhttps://www. the outer layer which is the colored side that repels blood, water, and body fluids; b. The blue side (sometimes green) is liquid repellant to keep fluids from leaking through into your nasal cavity. Therefore, the mask should be worn properly, that is the coloured side of the mask face outwards with the metallic strip uppermost (photo 1). The white side goes against the nose, mouth & covers the chin. The colored side of the surgical mask should face outwards. Orient the mask so that the colored side faces outward, or away from you. Pin 3 tucks on each side of the mask. One post on Twitter with the false claim had 80,000 likes. The purpose of wearing a mask when you’re sick is to prevent transmitting the virus via respiratory fluids when you cough or sneeze, so it’s important that the mask contains the fluid. Download here kids size face mask pattern in pdf to print. 5” wide (4. The white side contains filter. We are also proud suppliers of NHS, St Johns Ambulance Service, Royal Mail, DPD, UK schools, Community Pharmacies, Hertfordshire County Council, Dumfries and Galloway Council, Preston City Council and Care Homes. One of the most noted improvised face masks is Good Housekeeping’s fabric mask. Place the mask against your face (Nose clamp is the upper side, blue side is facing outside), and loop the straps behind your ears. As cited by the Associated Press, WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control co-director Dr. Face the sponge strip or the uncolored side to yourself. If the mask you are using has no colour, then it is NOT a 3-ply surgical mask – just a simple 2-ply face mask that is meant to maintain hygiene in a clean room or kitchen. Stitch to hold. "The sealing effect of surgical masks is not 100 per cent, air can still enter in and come out from the side of the mask, unless it is a very tight N95 mask. Gulf News 50,986 views. steps above but try using a mask on the other side of your face. 2 trillion stimulus package details face mask blue side in or out. If you tape a surgical mask to your face in a way that seals it perfectly, then while you may be doing a better job of keeping out the particles the mask can block you're still not doing much for the smaller ones. Cut the Elastic of 11cm o 4. Similar Images #41822809 - Confident woman doctor face wearing surgical mask on white background. Recommendation: Set up printer to print borderless. Pleats. Of course, the little surgeon needed an assistant so, I sew a surgeon set for myself as well. Put on a mask and place the strap on the top of your head and behind your head. Pleated ‘surgical-style’ face mask patterns. Wearing the surgical mask the wrong way around would not only increase discomfort but could also reduce its effectiveness. Cloth face-coverings must fit the contours of the jaw and side of the face, snugly. Stitch ¼ inch seam on non-folded and non-punched edge. Seto Wing Hong, co-director of the World Health Organization’s Center for Infectious Disease A surgical mask, also known as a face mask, is intended to be worn by health professionals during healthcare procedures. Author: GARA M. View current promotions and reviews of Surgical Face Masks and get free shipping at $35. Bel Nawhen told The Star Online that several messages are circulating on social media regarding the correct way to wear a surgical mask: coloured side facing out if you’re sick, and the white 27/11/2015 · There are two sides of the surgical mask which are white and blue (or green). Seto Wing Hong says the blue side faces outward because it’s waterproof. 15/4/2020 · The claim: Disposable masks should be worn white-side-out to keep COVID-19 out As total U. Apparently this is the most common version floating around…. in/health/is-there-a-right-way-to-wear-a-surgicalA viral social media post claiming there is a 'proper way' to wear the three layered surgical mask commonly worn by medical professionals and that wearing the coloured side or the white side of the mask signal different things, is false and misleading. Paper mask – This kind of face mask does not have a filtration later, which means it is not recommended for protective purposes. Statistics show that “DIY” or homemade masks are effective at catching viruses, but not with the same level of protection as surgical face masks would. LEVEL 3: A BIT MORE SEWING Cut & Shaped Fabric Easy to sew by hand or machine. This mask is different from the simple one because you can choose 3 different layers of fabric to use while the Simple Surgical Pattern is made from 1 piece of fabric that is folded so the front and back is the Just as a refresher, a surgical mask is different from an N95 mask. It usually has three layers: a. If you don’t have those 3 layers, then it is not a 3-ply mask. “Coloured side out if …26/1/2020 · Find out why Close. Stitch and back stitch a few times over the the corners with the bias tape. If you want to stop spreading germs to other people, you wear the mask blue side facing out. Curad Antiviral Face Mask. determine which side of the mask is facing outwards). Press out mask …Our DIy fabric Face mask pattern. Having said all these, knowing how to make a face mask at home, with easily available materials, is a good option. Place your mask against your chin. 5 out of 5 stars. Materials and tools for making masks. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE. Free shipping on many items 50 PCS Face Mask Medical Surgical Dental Disposable 3-Ply Earloop Mouth Cover. If the surgical mask has ties – bring the mask to your nose and place the ties over the crown of your head, and secure by tying them in a bow. You actually need very little in terms of materials and tools: fabric – 2 pieces 9″x 7″ cotton (tightly woven, prewashed) – e. We’ve simplified the instructions and improved the pattern, so you can print it out on your home computer and sew with no machine or special tools. Sew along the top 8. Incredible shopping paradise! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price!N95 masks have finer filters that keep out particles smaller than surgical masks' filters do. Fold Face Mask fabric piece in half, using center punch as your guide. 99 to £21. Turn right side out. 7/11/2011 · Breaking out from wearing a surgical mask? I work as a dental assistant so I have to wear a surgical mask most of the day. sg. They are not designed to protect the wearer from breathing in airborne bacteria or viruses whose particles are Lin Mengyun white side out a surgical took does the blue or white side face out on a surgical mask off his uniform and put on a does the blue or face a surgical light blue Yindan Shilin cloth A Facebook post claiming that there are different functions for the two sides of a surgical face mask and that you should wear it, either way, depending on your health, has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and across social media. Surgical masks are coloured on ONE SIDE to make it easy for medical staff to figure out which side FACES OUT. The blue side of the mask is the front and should face away from you. The inside is white. 2/4/2020 · Contents list: Types of masks explained (including Olson, pleated, child sizes, and large sizes). 5. Stitch closed. 75" folded in half) by 5 1/8" tall. Align edges so that the punch holes match on each side. Determine which side of the mask is the front. 95 means that the mask can filter out at least 95 per cent of particles of all sizes from the air. Place the top part of the mask on the bridge of your nose, molding the metal strip to the shape of your nose. Use the right side of the mask – Regardless if you’re sick or healthy, there’s only one way to use face masks: blue side out, white side in. N95 3M 1870 Respirator/Surgical Face Mask World Health Organisation recommended N95 respirator/surgical face masks to be used by health staff in hospitals when there is an AVIAN FLU/SARS/TB outbreak etc. If you are not ill, the white side ought to be facing out to protect micro-organism from the Surgical mask reinforced with wire which allows you to adjust the mask to your nose so the mask will stay in place on your nose. 0 out of …If the mask is worn inside out, it can reduce its effectiveness and cause discomfort to the wearer. According to the Philippine Red Cross' infographic posted during the Taal volcano eruption, an N95 mask filters out at least 95% of large and small airborne particles, while a surgical mask won't do the same thing. Not only does Elements offer a great selection of photo-realistic mockups, created by talented designers around the world, but you can also download as many as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee. In its page, ‘Mask Protection Standards & Medical Face Mask Information For Use‘ it was mentioned that the white (or smoothest side) is on the inside against the wearer’s skin—the colour always faces out in order to ensure the proper fit of the mask. Health experts said that those who have respiratory illness must wear surgical masks, with the white side in or the absorbent side facing the mouth and the nose. You can choose to make a 2-4 layers mask, but the more layers the more difficult it is to fold and keep the edges aligned. The side of the mask that has a stiff bendable edge is the top and is meant to mold to the shape of your nose. It’s time to make your own face mask. The coloured side is usually the outside of the mask and should face away from the face. fabric 10” w x 7“ h • 2 pcs. If you want to prevent yourself from getting germs from other people, you wear the mask blue side in and white side out. Surgical Mask Fact 2: It Should Cover Your Nose. Learn How to Easily Sew a Surgical Face Mask With This Step-By-Step Tutorial With Video Currently, the supply of surgical masks is at a critical all-time low throughout the entire nation. Dimensions: Our standard adult size mask is approximately 9. Apr 3, 2020, 11:54 am*Also ensure that you are wearing the mask properly: It should fit snugly against your face with no gaps to allow the viruses to get through. Form 3, 1/2” pleats at each side. Incredible shopping paradise! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price!2. Recommended : Fact Check : Prolonged Use of Face Mask Causes Hypoxia!A Facebook post from March 2019 claims that a medical facemask, often called a surgical mask, should be worn with the “coloured side out” to prevent spreading germs. This is a tutorial on the best fitting face mask yet – the surgical mask with nose adjustment. Holding the mask with clean hands by the earloops, position the blue side of the mask at the front away from you, while the white side touches your face. For those of us who sew, we can band together and make a huge difference in this time of need!Surgical Face Masks at Walgreens. The thinner surgical mask is intended for surgeons, because these products do a good job of keeping pathogens from the doctor's nose and mouth from entering the surgical field, Schaffner said. 33″. Envato Elements is a terrific resource for premium face mask mockups in PSD format. Surgical mask (both side white) correct way to wear - Duration: How to safely wear a surgical face mask - Duration: 1:33. If you are well and don’t want to breathe in germs/polluted air, wear the mask with the blue side inwards and white side outwards. Face Mask Hangs Loosely On The Face. Ever since Assure masks were out of stock, have been trying to get hold of other imported brands. But with pre-made mask supplies coming up short, here’s how you can sew your own. 5″ width edge, using a large 5/8″ seam allowance. Wear so pleats angle upward. Dr. Turn mask right side out, and finger press open the corners. 99Qoo10 - face mask surgical Search Results : Household & Bedding,Skin Care,Baby & Maternity Items now on sale at qoo10. 5 grade face mask filter valve surgical mask protection anti dust k n95 NEXT DAY HYGIENICALLY SEALED FILTER MULTI COLOUR £1. Fit: This fitted mask will provide total coverage of theThis Surgical Style Face Mask is made from 3 layers of fabric. The pleats in a surgical mask allow it to expand to fit over the face, and getting a good fit over the mouth and nose is crucial. The tutorial shows a user folding a mask in half, laying it on one side of the face and then setting up the biometric system. I just wondering which side of the surgical mask is inside and which is outside?Surgical masks cannot filter out all bacteria, unlike N95 masks used by healthcare professionals, so you shouldn't worry too much about gaps between your face and the mask. Erin Sorrell, Department of How to make a DIY surgical face mask from fabric Supplies and tools. How to properly make DIY face masks, according to a doctor As face masks become more urgently needed than ever, you can help—and protect yourself. Use mask pattern on page 2 to cut fabric. Press the metal strip on the mask to make the mask fit your face better. A typical surgical mask is something you might have noticed healthcare professionals wear — a disposable mask made of cloth, coloured on one side and white on the other. If your patient is on isolation precautions, depending on the type they are on, you may be required to wear one when you partake in their care. Here are three of the recommended activated carbon mask for coronavirus ⭐ Scaler Dust-proof Mouth Mask Activated Carbon Anti-Pollution Mask Washable The biggest strength of this mask is it can isolate 99% of harmful substances, such as dust, chemicals, fumes, and particulates in a living environment that can prevent the accumulation of respiratory diseases. 9/4/2020 · A mid a shortage of medical-grade face masks, such as surgical masks (loose-fitting, disposable masks that block large droplets but don’t filter small particles) and N95 respirators (tight The CDC is recommending that people wear cloth face coverings while in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Finished dimensions should be roughly six inches wide by three-and-one-half inches long. Position the mask's nosepiece over your nose and place a loop around each ear. (Skip to this). (ii) For tie-on surgical mask, secure17/8/2009 · There are two sides of surgical mask, one is white and the other is either blueish or greenish side. boomlive. But as mentioned by other medical professionals How to Use a Face Mask / Surgical Mask Despite its name, a surgical mask is worn in a lot more situations other than while giving surgery. Claim: Two ways of wearing a surgical mask: Colored side out if you are sick and White side out if you do not want to become sick. Now, if you’re wearing the surgical mask and it’s not covering your nose, you might as well grab the nearest stranger and sneeze directly into their mouths, because you are not using the surgical mask correctly. The white layer keeps the mask and face …A surgical mask is correctly worn only one way

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