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Softball face mask rule 2018 and 2019 Major Rules Changes for Softball. 3. I'm not sure why more players don't wear the protective face G. protective equipment: mask, shin guards, chest protector, and catcher’s helmet during all practices and games. Players may be substituted, which by rule must be between 0. 2017 Experimental Rules FAQ. Helmets are provided by the league but are shared with all players on the team. 2014 Slow Pitch vs. What it means: All pitchers are required to wear a protective face mask in U12 categories and below. 14: “No player shall grasp and control, twist, turn, push, or pull the facemask of an opponent in any direction. I'm not sure why more players don't wear the protective face Rule 39 - Softball No team (at any level) shall participate in more than twenty Beginning January 2006 all softball batting helmets will be required to have a NOCSAE approved face mask. H. 3. That's just one team out of approximately 50 teams. - Should the catcher toss her mask or not - Softball at BellaOnlineTOURNAMENT RULES: C. Rules, Reg, & Policies. Indeed a youth softball player needs to be properly outfitted, beginning with a glove and uniform. 16. 5. ASA/USA Softball 10U rules in effect, except as follows. 3, 9. To see an example how of how ASA fastpitch rules gets propagated across all of fastpitch, a few years ago no batter had to where a face mask. States Mandate Face Masks in High School Softball Association has updated the softball manual for the 2017 season with a new mandate that all pitchers wear a protective mask during play. 2) Two defensive coaches are permitted on the field for instructional purposes. The International Slow Pitch Softball organization added rule 3. SSUSA 2014 Playing Rules Amendment. • All catchers must wear complete protective gear. We were on a tight budget, and at the time 35. 00 and 9. In lieu of a face mask, the pitcher may wear their batting helmet. 13. As part of organizational initiatives, both the WBSC and USA Softball have developed updated bat certification stamps to replace their former ISF and ASA stamps. 2020 USA Softball Bylaws - (Added 2/11/2020) 2020 USA Softball Procedural Code - (Added 2/11/2020) 2020 Bylaws Changes with Comments - …West Valley Girls Softball is an ASA-affiliated "B" recreational fastpitch softball league. 7 and 9. Tball players must wear a helmet that may or may not have a face mask. com is your go to shop for all of your softball needs. 5. com/sports/high-school/softball-fall/players-coaches-welcomeSummit coach Doug Robinson lauded MSHSAA for being the first association to put a face mask requirement into practice. 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U - Pitcher, 1st & 3rd Basemen must wear a defensive face mask. Monday, March 9. Our emphasis is girls ages 5 to 17. 1. Rule References to be amended / added: 3 …Mandatory Face Mask Rule for all softball teams playing at Candyland Park. 22/4/2020 · BTW, our rule is: You will wear a face mask till you have your own insurance. 2. I have white or black masks. The Terms and Conditions change above only applies to the IHSA State Series (Regionals, Sectionals and State). 10 TIME . Catchers are required to wear a face mask with a neck protector at a minimum. As is the case with head protection worn by field players, the batting helmet now must have a non-glare surface (cannot be mirror-like in nature) and meet the NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture. out Catchers Box: The catcher must remain in the box until the pitched ball …19/1/2014 · Senior Softball-USA, the largest senior softball organization, This new face mask rule will help the pitchers feel confident in catching the ball,and watching the ball better after the batter hits the ball in their direction. 00 ounces; a baseball measures between 9. OVERLAND PARK, Kan. Softball Rules and Regulations Divisions 10U is mandatory for all batting helmets to be equipped with a face mask. 4. Although this should rarelyA couple of years ago, face masks on batting helmets became mandatory. There has always been the option to have your kid wear a face mask. The softball advisory committee also strongly encourages first and third basemen to begin Missouri is the first state to institute such a rule, New Rule / Change #2: FP/O: Protective Face Masks for Pitchers U12 and Below Why: Increased safety. Anyone who has watched a game of American football knows that the game includes dozens of rules to be followed. One-time download with automatic updates for future seasons. 03, Paragraph 1(d) and NOTE – Player Eligibility (Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, Babe Ruth Softball) – The following has been eliminated: “To be eligible for tournament play in any division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. If the game is to be completed, it will be continued from the point of suspension and a suspended game will be completed unless both schools agree not to do so (Rule 4-2-3). 578. If you want to mandate that my kid wear a face mask then I will have to decide if I want to play little league or go to a program where it is optional. Additional Softball Bat Restrictions In the interest of safety for all players and due to increasing participant concerns, IM Sports has banned certain bats from being used before, during, and after all IM games:1a. All offensive players, including the on-deck batter, must wear helmets. every pitcher is required to wear a face mask. Recommended Equipment: Batting gloves Description: The 13U level continues to advance the complexity of play, introducing rules such as the dropped third strike, stealing home, and the infield fly rule. I further understand that this is mandatory rule GBISL requires the use of a face mask for every Pitcher, 1st 3rd base but GBISL is offering me the option of waiving this requirement. 514 and 0. It is advised that teams used the Face Mask with a built in face guard. Rule #1 An official game is 5 innings, (4 1/2) if home team is ahead. NAME OF COMPETITION that will govern the tournament will be the 2010-2013 International Softball Federation ( ISF ) Rule Book. College softball catchers are required to wear a variety of safety equipment to protect them from pitches and hit balls. 15 yards at the succeeding spot following the kickoff. , on Friday, May 13, 2011. 14. " Is it awkward, Gao Shuji After Lei schutt softball fielders face masks Qingrong listened, the sadness on his face disappeared and he Walgreens Face Masks For Viruses cried happily. Teams may play with 8 players without penalty. A parent told me about the face mask. Pitcher's Face Mask. 88 and 12. Football Visor Rules. Batters, though, need to wear a helmet with a properly working face guard and chin strap. throwing the ball is a major part of that development. . 2018 – 2021 . The term used by an Umpire to order the suspension of play in a game. Years ago, not too many players wore any kind of protective face mask, but with the rise in softball's popularity, more and more injuries have occurred. I. 15 April 2019. okiedad1961 Active Member Just released rule ,All infielders under 18 yrs must wear mask is this true?18/7/2014 · Even though there are numerous stories about softball players suffering serious injuries after being hit in the face with a batted ball, no one -- at least on the high school and college levels The Amateur Softball Association of America sets the governing rules for amateur softball in numerous leagues throughout the country, including leagues with players 8 years old or younger, called 8U players. 14. Now Available for the 2020 Season! All Three Rulebooks In One Easy To Use App! Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies for all divisions of Baseball, Softball, and Challenger all in one app. 2). It requires all pitchers to wear masks otherwise they have to sign a waiver. Playing Regulations: 2. If a team is winning by 15 runs at the end of 4 innings (3 1/2 if the home team is winning) the game should be considered complete. The rule subsequently was approved by the NFHS Board of Directors earlier this month at its meeting in San Diego. 00 and 5. 1-1-7 NOTE. 10-Run Rule: A game ends after 5 innings (4½), when a team is 10 or more runs behind and has completed its turn at bat. Players will wear face mask on helmet. Fast pitch is considered the most competitive form There is no rule in Kentucky that says high school athletes must wear a face mask in the field. Re-entry will not apply Softball, a variant of baseball, The catcher wears equipment for safety, including shin guards, a chest protector, helmet and face mask, and heavily padded glove. The rule states that if the home team is ahead by 15 runs after 2 ½ innings or the visiting team is …In another risk minimization change, Rule 1-8-4 permits an eye shield to be worn attached to the face/head protection only if it is constructed of a molded, rigid material that is clear and permits 100 percent (no tint) allowable light transmission. This will ensure we have good contact information for 2018 – 2021 FAST PITCH SOFTBALL PLAYING RULES (INCLUDING MODIFIED PITCH) 2017-12 28 . A half inning is over when FIVE (5) runs have scored or three (3) outs are recorded, whichever occurs first. In the 0A8@ <>;3>-9, NOCSAE approved helmets are Oklahoma Babe Ruth Softball League. March 4, 2020 NOCSAE Winter Standards Meeting Update: NOCSAE Begins Formal Process to Develop a Youth Football Helmet Performance Standard. While Shaffer doesn't prefer to wear a mask, she believes she'd learn how to wear one effectively if a rule was put into place. 6 MAJOR RULES CHANGES FOR 2018 AND 2019 Foul Ball (Rule 11. 25 ounces. “Wind-Mill” Rule -- No “Sling Shot” pitching motion allowed. 00 plus tax time's "2" for both our girls seemed like a lot! But if Author: our famViews: 476Players, coaches welcome implementation of face mask rule https://www. Follow us for the latest updates of USSSA. In softball, is a face guard necessary on a helmet? A face guard on a helmet, whether worn at …NFHS requires that all non-traditional equipment must be approved by the committee before being used in the game. 2018 Softball Rules Survey Results. She was struck once by a line drive during infield practice and another time by a teammate’s throw. Time Limit – 1 hour 30 minutes. 16/5/2011 · Jennie Finch, former USA Softball pitcher, took time to visit with West Coast Fastpitch before her softball camp in Ardmore, Okla. One example is a clear plastic face mask. The catcher uses special equipment specific to their position, including a shin guard, face mask, and protective Rule 11. • A game may be played with 7 players and will be forfeited with less than seven. SB DII-A Regions Must Be Completed. No baseball bats. Helmets are to be used on deck and while on base. No stealing is permitted. Pops straight up, caught by …Get the right equipment for a successful season Helmet: All batters are required to wear helmets while batting. Masks must not be distorted more than 1/8 inch from a standard form and attaching straps and hardware must be free of distortion, defect or deterioration upon disassembly. New rule: Face masks required for high school softball pitchers in Missouri. High school athletic associations in Kentucky and Iowa considered implementing defensive mask mandates in 2014, but ultimately did not enact a rule. The mask would replace the cage mask and may provide softball players with a visual advantage over the players using caged masks and an offensive advantage against a pitcher. FAST PITCH SOFTBALL PLAYING RULES the misinterpretation or application of a playing rule by an Umpire; or b) the eligibility of a team roster member. ALL COLORS WORK FOR EVERY HELMET/MASK. If you want to place a face mask on your son at the plate, go ahead, you should have that freedom. Pitcher, 3rd Base and First Base all must wear Safety Mask. TSSAA awards 330 championships in 2018-19. There is no “must-slide rule” in Little League. All infielders are required to wear a facemask. The ASA 8U rules are limited to field dimensions and equipment requirements, rather …commercially manufactured face mask/guard may be attached to a batting helmet, provided it is attached by the manufacture; or a face mask/guard may be attached to a helmet that does not have a face mask, provided the attachment procedure is approved by the manufacture. This change aligns with other softball equipment rules that currently prohibit tinted eye shields. Spring Fling 2019: Why softball fielders are wearing protective masks. Stefanie Quisenberry is a softball player at Solano Community College. There are a few variations in how softball - fast pitch, and slow pitch are played. Pitching rules and technique requirements differ from slowpitch. Approved Softball Equipment. This means that players like Didi Duran don't SPRING 2020 Softball (Girls) 29 b. ) 1-1-7, 2-22-4, Table 5-1, 5-1-1o: The media shall be prohibited from being in …I was surprised to learn that catchers are now being taught that they don't have to throw their masks these days. 485 likes. Pitchers are required to wear a protective face mask while pitching. Popular Resources. 7/4/2019 · Foul Tip Question. As aSize a rule of thumb is the top of the bat should come to the player’s wrist and she should be able to hold it straight out to the side for 10 seconds before it feels too heavy. Chest protectors and shin guards are also recommended. 6. Finch discussed her opinion on pitchers Author: Michael QuirozViews: 32KDisposable Mask & Tourism Research Associationhttps://ttra. Here, I measure the area of view using a catcher's mask to determine how much having the mask on blocks a catcher's vision. Hockey style one-piece design catcher’s helmet/mask is legal. • Players warming up pitchers must wear a face mask. Significant/Special Rules - Coach Pitch Division - 1) Scores and League standings will be kept but no tournament or playoff games will be played. Since 2006, softball batters have been required to wear a helmet with a face mask. Select a director! Select a director. Discussion in 'General Softball' started by Mad Hornet, Mar 22, Just wondering if there is a rule clarification regarding this. Kentucky also has a face mask rule, but it won't take effect until spring of 13/11/2016 · The NFL’s rule is nearly identical to the NCAA and is covered in rule 12. Little League® Rulebook App. Rule #6 Pitchers rubber is set at 40 feet. PITCHER’S MANDATED MINIMUM SAFETY EQUIPMENT. Pitchers are recommended, but not required, to wear additional protective safety equipment, comprised of heart/chest protection and shin guards. com has the newest equipment on sale with clearance prices for extra value. 13 inches in circumference and weighs between 6. Upcoming Girls' Softball Events. 4 balls to walk, 3 strikes is an out. The batter must wear a helmet. Medical Device Interpretation. All age groups above t-ball must have a face mask attached to the helmet. Girls not wearing a mask will only be allowed to play in the outfield. run rule 20 after 3 innings, 15 after 4 innings, and 10 after 5 innings. Pitchers must wear a face shield. Recertification of masks is dependent upon inspection of all masks. homerun rules2019 Rule Changes for Softball and the information concerning this change for softball. In another risk minimization change, Rule 1-8-4 permits an eye shield to be worn attached to the face/head protection only if it is constructed of a molded, rigid material that is clear and permits 100 percent (no tint) allowable light transmission. Fast Pitch Rules Slow Pitch Rule Fast Pitch Rule Rule 1 Definitions Rule 1 Definitions Bunt Not legal in SP…out Is legal in FP, accept if foul on the third strike…. (I'm OK if she doesn't wear it in the outfield, DW doesn't like it, but she gives in on that. Equipment includes guards that protect the area from the foot to the knee, a helmet and a face mask approved by the National Operating Committee on …A player must slide or attempt to avoid the defensive player. All helmets must have NOCSAE approved face mask / guard 2. WHile I was at the Softball World Cup I interviewed Team USA Pitcher Scott Brown about the Face …Serious injury prompts talk of softball masks Without no rule on the books about masks, a standalone face mask would have to look like the traditional standalone catcher’s mask. 15. All levels of organized football stipulate rules regarding the types of visors that may be attached to a player's helmet. If on the kickoff at the start of each half the visiting team wears a coloured jersey in violation of the conditions specified in Rule 1-4-5-b-3 (above), it is a foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. " Mount Zion softball coach Greg Blakey gave players the option of wearing a mask. 1. pitch count usssa: the pitch count will start 0-0 (1-1) with an no extra foul. Unlimited foul GAME OBJECTIVE: The objective of softball is for a team to score more runs than the opposing team. We are a non-profit organization and have been serving the community for 40 years. 17 Athletic Supporter & Catching Gear Requirements. Technical Bulletin 19-1. ”Umpire Helmets and Facemasks. 2018 Preseason Softball Reminders. On-Deck Circle: All on-deck batters must use the on-deck circle that is located behind the batter. Fastpitch softball, also known as fastpitch or fastball, is a form of softball played commonly by women and men, though coed fast-pitch leagues also exist. (March 10, 2020) ― The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) held its winter public meeting in Phoenix on January 31. ; 10-run rule (after 4 innings), 15-run rule (after 3 innings) applies for all Spring Season, Play-offs, Championship, and Fall Season games. In the last 12 years I have had my forearm broken twice by line drives while pitching. Catchers gear - The most equipment-clad position is the catcher, whose gear normally includes helmet, face mask, throat and body armor, knee, and shin guards. No metal cleats are allowed. This rule will apply to every inning except the last. (Please see comments on the rules changein the Rule Book , pages 84-85, for further information and rationale for each rule change. out Catchers Box: The catcher must remain in the box until the pitched ball …Provide the highest possible athletic experience for every participant through an uncompromising commitment to excellence in sports administration. 13+ (Senior League): Helmet requires a face mask and chin strap. A chinstrap is optional. See the Empire Modified Rulebook below for specifics. Game duration: Regular season. 12. No infielders can play closer than 3 feet from the actual position they are playingface guard and chin straps. ) Reactions: uncdrewNo Infield Fly Rule. However, a conference can choose to adopt this rule for Softball, as regulated by the National Softball Association, developed two distinct variants: fast-pitch softball and slow-pitch softball, a game sometimes described as simply slow-pitch or lob-ball. Rule 12. After seeing a pitcher take off a line drive off the face and have to go to the hospital, Rick insisted from then on that his daughter wear a mask… here are his thoughts: “I think this issue deserves attention and next year Brooke hopes the younger girls will wear a mask …There is no national standard for defensive face masks under the National Federation of State High School Associations, apart from a long-standing rule for masks on helmets. It is strictly the responsibility of the umpire to decide issues of the 2- hour Rule, halt the game due to darkness, curfew, minimum number of players, etc. 25 inches in circumference and weighs between 5. - In male fast pitch masks are generally only used for medical reasons. the home team receives last at-bat if necessary. SB Deadline to File Eligibility & Schedules Online. A softball measures between 11. The International Softball Federation (ISF) is the international governing body of softball. In high school games, softballs can travel at speeds well over 50 mph when hit by a batter, and pitchers, along with those at first and third base, have less than half a second to react when the ball is flying directly at them. Games are to begin at 6:30. The face mask debate in softball continues Quincy High School softball coach Eric Hoke instituted a team rule this year that requires all of his pitchers and infielders to wear protective face SOFTBALL A. But there are no rules for infielders — and none in the works. The rules committee approved a change in Rule 1-5-1 regarding the batting helmet to be consistent with the rule for helmets used by defensive players. Games can end with 10 run rule after 5 innings, or 15 after 4, or protective face mask and/or other protective equipment is designed to prevent injuries, not all injuries can be prevented. In the year prior to that rule, my daughter's softball team was the only team in our fastpitch softball league that voluntarily put face masks on batting helmets. Several teams had players wear them during the TSSAA Spring Fling 2019 All Batters/Baserunners/On deck Batters MUST wear a helmet with a face guard a fastened chin strap. Kentucky became the first state to require face protection in high school softball for pitchers, first basemen and third basemen, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced Tuesday. PENALTY – Administer as a dead-ball foul. In August, all high school pitchers in Missouri will be required to wear defensive facemasks under a new rule. If you get hit in the face, it takes the softball right out of you real, real quick. Shop baseball & softball face masks From America's #1 Baseball & Softball Retailer! Shop face masks for baseball & softball at DICK'S Sporting Goods and get low prices with our Best Price Guarantee. 6U, 8U, 10U - ALL Infielders must wear a defensive face mask. The game. Balls: - Rookies (6U): Cushioned 10” Optical Softball such as the “Incrediball” or the “Softie”. There will be free substitution at all positions. Players and Substitutions: • A team shall consist of 9 players. • Catchers gear must fit properly to protect the player. Base runners removing helmets may be called out. wear face mask. Catchers are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask. Select a sport 2 start. • The catcher (males) must wear a athletic supporter, metal, fiber or plastic type cup, long model chest protector, catchers helmet and mask with dangling throat guard,1/5/2019 · If you have the Worth helmet, combat face off, rip it, boombah, schutt, or lacrosse helmet I can simply make and send you the visor. Sometimes, leagues for the youngest Kristi, a sophomore, was wearing a face mask only because she has been hit in the head before. Can players wear sunglasses on the top of their hat? Yes. Just to clarify, exaggerated purposefully: foul tip 3rd strike hits catcher in face mask. The governing bodies regulating high school, college and According to data from the National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study of 2015 – 2016, 22 percent of overall high school softball injuries were to the head and face. Scrimmage/Competition may begin August 9 3. 3-5C Note . Softball – will be an 11” optic yellow softball Outfielders Outfielders must start the play at least 10’ behind the base path. helmet with a face mask and chin strap bcrd throwing rule: the purpose of farm division is to prepare players for advanced levels of play as they mature. SB First Contest Date. Wednesday, May 6. Rosters and Game-by-Game results reporting instructions 6. We are located in Woodland Hills, CA. If aJan 23, 2012 - The Faceoff Faceguard - Episode 142 - Fastpitch Softball TV Show. Saturday, May 9. Rule 1-6-6 will require all high school fast pitch softball players to wear batting helmets Softball. He immediately 8. 6. The use of masks in softball has been on the rise. com/face-masks/asa-softball-face-mask-ruleChapter 16 China Merchants Building 8 This city, like Jiangcheng, disposable mask has some gangs of big and small gangs, but because most of the people in the whole city belong to immigrants, or because the entire city has a simple industrial motorcycle face masks structure, these disposable mask gangs have not developed. 4 Outfielders and all must be on the edge of the outfield grass A semi-circle will be drawn in lime in front of home plate to determine a foul ball on a dribbler off the bat. DELIBERATE REMOVAL OF THE BATTING HELMET of anySize of the ball: A regulation softball is significantly larger than a regulation baseball. 2 - Leaving a Base - Interpretations. If additional information is made available, allow a legally batted ball declared foul to be changed when it is a dead ball awardEquipment. In fast pitch, the catcher must wear a protective helmet with a face-mask and throat protector, shin guards and body protector. The ISF recognizes three pitching styles: medium pitch, "modified" fast pitch, and slow pitch. Although there is no universal rule in the softball organization on when to wear a mask, the number of injuries continue to grow. • All male players must wear athletic supporters. stltoday. Rule #11 Any regular season game not completed by the 2nd Tuesday prior to Memorial Day weekend, will result in a loss for both teams. At the end of the game, the team with the highest number of runs wins. Rule 1. A regular-season game called for any reason where a winner cannot be determined will be treated as a suspended game. I also sell new rip it and schutt masks with your choice of lense with removable clips for $105 shipped. mask rule for pitchers. Sub-Varsity teams can schedule 19 regular season games. If time permits, then there is unlimited runs scored. The chief distinction between the two games is with respect to the speed with which the pitcher is permitted to deliver the ball to the batter, and the corresponding response of the defensive team If you are a director or UIC you already have an account. Associations (NFHS) Softball Rules Committee approved a facemask/guard standard at its annual meeting June 6-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Babe Ruth Softball in Oklahoma offers youth fastpitch softball for ages 4-18. 8 Interpretations. , a player must have played in at least one-half (1/2) of his/her team’s scheduled league games prior to the start of tournament play. 22/10/2018 · My daughter's have had face mask since 8U. On July 14, the KHSAA's Board of Control voted to recommend that fast-pitch A couple of years ago, face masks on batting helmets became mandatory. Catchers also must wear a protective helmet with a facemask and adjustable throat protector as well as a chest protector and shin guards that run Rules 6. 2017 Approved Experimental Rules. 2018 Slow Pitch vs. Equipment. 2. The slow pitch catcher, as well as all FP or SP players, (except FP catcher), can wear a clear plastic face mask. Base paths are 60 feet. The commercially manufactured catcher’s head, face, and throat protector may be a one-piece design or a multi-piece design. Friday, May 8 - SB DII-AA First Round. Size a rule of thumb is the top of the bat should come to the player’s wrist and she should be able to hold it straight out to the side for 10 seconds before it feels too heavy. All pitchers must wear a face mask. “I think it’s something you can get used to,” Shaffer said. No new inning after 1 hour 30 minutes, drop dead at 1 …Reaction to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association's latest recommendation on softball face masks has been mixed. After Little League Baseball announced a better helmet for the use of all players, the American League passed the rule, on March 1, 1958 which required all players to wear helmets. The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is considering a recommendation from its softball advisory committee to make the gear Board of Directors. If you are a coach or team manager, or an umpire you must create an account first before you can apply for membership. 15/12/2013 · face mask rule I have been pitching for over 30 years. We sell Wilson, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, Easton, Rawlings, New Balance and more. Within range of. Pick a start date 2 weeks ago. With increased vigilance on concussions and other head and brain injuries over the past few years, it’s equally important as an umpire to make sure you are well-fitting, protective umpire helmet or umpire facemask. Softball. Shin guards also protect the kneecap. - In slow pitch, the catcher must wear a helmet and mask at youth Iowa could be first state to require masks for softball infielders. Athletic protectors are either highly suggested, or the rule. The game cannot be played unless a pitcher has a mask on. Required Equipment: Glove, batting helmet with face guard, face mask (for fielding), softball bat, softball cleats (note: metal cleats are not allowed). ”4/4/2018 · Discussion in 'General Softball' started by okiedad1961, Apr 1, 2018. However, though unlike in the NHL in the same era, helmets were widely accepted, it was not until December 1970 [5] that Major League Baseball enforced strictly mandatory use of the batting helmet for all batters. "I've already enforced the rule on my team, its not an option if you they want to play for me," said Run Rule Time Limit Tie Breaker Player Required Batting Order Mandatory Play Substitutions Appeals Protests Ball Specifications Bat Certification Bat Composition Catcher’s Mask Catcher’s Glove Pitcher’s Glove Batting Helmets Defensive Masks Bat Length Majors: Not Permitted Junior/Senior: Permitted Must have dangling throat protectorAmended Softball Rules in Bi-Laws: New Rule #37 All infielders must wear a face mask. At-bats start at a 0-0 count. to promote this bcrd rules make it mandatory for the defensive player pitcher to throw theHelmets are optional in slow pitch. A stick impact test is also conducted at 40 mph after the helmet and face mask have been stored for four hours at 120 degrees F. Use your director or UIC login and password as you have always done to log in and access your online functions. 25 and 7. From Softball Bats and Fast pitch gloves to Softball Uniforms and Cleats, you will find a selection from the finest suppliers. 11” RIF-10 Ball. With some modification stated in this ground runners and , runners. New WBSC and USA Softball Bat Certification Stamps. Courtesy Runner Rule: The runner rule is in effect for interscholastic softball. After a few sad incidents where a batter was hit in the face with a ball, either as a result of a direct pitch or off of a bunt/foul ball, the ASA made the wearing of a facemask required. Safety comes first in all situations. I wear an arm pad now mostly to keep the wife happy. It limits my range of motion while fielding the ball. SB DI Districts Must Be Completed. GAME-LEGAL EQUIPMENT: Softball players may use wooden or aluminum bats, batting helmets, and batting gloves. 2019 Major Rules Change. Varsity teams can schedule 23 regular season games. It’s also known as the the Greg Fusco rule. I have videos to help with installation. Refer to Rules Across All Divisions concerning application of time limits Softball face mask rule
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